Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s… and A’s

Have a question about Waterloo and its products? We’ve got the answers!

How do I buy Waterloo’ Artist Series products?
You can order our products right here! Go to the page for the product(s) you're interested in and click on the “Buy Now” button or order from one of our distributors and submit it!

How do I find specifications for Waterloo Artist Series products?
All the information you need is in this website on the page for that specific product. Every product we offer is shown on this website with photos, full product specifications and features.

How do I find interior drawer dimensions?
Please contact Waterloo customer service at 800-833-8851 for specific information on drawer interior dimensions.

Where do you find the model number of each unit?
A white label is located in the upper right-hand drawer of the unit. The model number and Parts & Services phone number is located on the tag.

What is the Posi-Latch® Drawer Retention System and what is its advantage?
This exclusive, patented feature is found on our Professional Artist Series products. It’s a latching mechanism that holds drawers in place, preventing accidental opening of drawers. And it’s easy to use — simply lift the drawer trim to open the drawer.

How can I view your product brochure?
Download a PDF file of our brochure showing our entire product line.

What is your warranty period?
26″ & 41″ wide Waterloo Professional Artist Series workstations come with a 7 year limited warranty, and 26″ wide Waterloo Artist Series workstations carry a 1 year limited warranty.

How do I make a warranty claim?
Contact us at 800-833-8851 or , with a model number, description of the product, description of the defect, proof of original purchase, and your name, address, area code and telephone number. Waterloo may request pictures identifying the product and showing the defect to qualify for return authorization.

Can I order replacement parts, locks and keys directly?
Yes, in most cases replacement parts such as locks, keys or drawer slides can be ordered through our Replacement Parts department. You can reach them at 800-833-4405 for more information.

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